We had a great time checking out some new locations downtown for Liz’s photos recently.  She is one of my senior reps from Highland High School this year, so get used to her pretty face.  You’ll be seeing more of this sweet girl in the future!

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Before and After

I thought it would be fun to post some before and after shots every once in a while to allow everyone to see the transformation that takes place with the custom editing that I do.  So for my first before and after on this new site of mine, here is a beautiful shot of Liz, one of my high school seniors.  She is beautiful either way, but I love the rich colors and light that I was able to achieve with just a little “tweeking”

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Jessica & Seth

It was so much fun being able to photograph this couple’s wedding day.  The stormy weather that was present for their groomal session seemed to follow them to their wedding, but it didn’t spoil any of the fun.  Jessica looked beautiful the entire day, and she had every detail covered.  The reception was lively and fun, with a steady stream of guests and fun and food and dancing!  They both have the nicest families you can imagine.  I’m so glad I was able to be a part of this special celebration!

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The “K” Family

This is such a wonderful family!  They are special friends to us.  Can you tell that these kids just love their mom so much?  She does a super job with them and they are the nicest kids!

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Jessica & Seth have tied the knot!!!

I had the privilege of shooting Jessica and Seth’s groomal session a few weeks ago.  They are such a happy couple and so in love.  We had dark and stormy skies for our entire shoot, which made for some added excitement when it started to rain and snow.  Jessica was so cold, and in the end dripping wet, but she managed to look beautiful throughout.  Stay tuned for more photos of these lovebirds and their wedding!


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What a beautiful senior Liz is.  It was her birthday on the day of our shoot, and instead of choosing to be out with friends, she chose to be with me!  How flattering!!!  She is my kind of girl, quick to laugh and up for anything.  She was a natural in front of the camera too, and her pictures show it.  She looks great!


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