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Morgan & Ben’s Engagements: Millcreek Canyon

Here is another wonderful love story of how Morgan and Ben were engaged!  It is so much fun to share in the romance and joy of their special day.  Enjoy!

“Ben and I met up in Logan while we were going to Utah State University. We were in the same LDS ward, due to the fact that we were in the same apartment complex. I was interested from the first time I saw him; however, I was too nervous to say anything. Finally, in April I got my chance to say something. On this one Sunday, my roommate and I were headed back from church, and in the parking lot to our apartment complex a car almost hit us.  As I looked to see who it was, I was surprised to see that it was Ben and his roommate. We all waved it off and went on our way. Later that night at ward prayer I saw Ben and decided to go make fun of him a little bit for almost crashing into me. That night we talked until 5am and it has been a fairy tale ever since. Which leads me to our proposal story!

On August 18th, Ben and I went to a Real Salt Lake game with my parents. We had a blast and ate so much food that I was about to burst. After the game, Ben wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory, and because of my stretched stomach I had to tell him that we could go, but I could not possibly eat another bite. So he decided that we would drive around Salt Lake for a while. This is the point in the story where Ben pretended to get lost in Salt Lake and wouldn’t listen to the directions I was trying to give him. If this didn’t make me mad, we then stopped at a Maverick in the scary part of Salt Lake, where Ben decided to leave me in the car so he could use the restroom. Little did I know he was stalling so my parents could finish setting things up for us. Now, after being frustrated to no end, I slept the rest of the way home. When we arrived at the house Ben woke me up and told me to come into the backyard because we had to talk (he did this in a voice where i was convinced he was going to break up with me). I followed him into the backyard, where he took out a flashlight and pointed me toward a card, the first card. Throughout my backyard there was a maze of string and cards that talked about how we met and little things about our relationship that he loves. I followed all the cards and the last card lead me into my living room and said, “Well by now you probably know what I’m about to say”, I turned around and Ben was on his knee. It was the perfect proposal!! 


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Nicole & Bryan’s Engagements at This is the Place Park in Salt Lake City

I’ve loved my sessions with this couple!  They are the perfect fit for one another.  Nicole shared this romantic story of how they got engaged:

“Bryan wanted to make his proposal the most romantic night of my life, and that is exactly what it was.  The whole week before I knew he was planning a date for us that Saturday, but the only thing he would tell me about it was that I should wear warm clothing.  I was a little bit worried because I hate being cold!  February 4th came around and he picked me up for our date.  We started driving up toward Park City and ended up at the Park City ski resort.  We waited in the lodge while a small group of people started to gather around, and then I found out what was going on.  We were going with a small group up to the top of the resort in a big sleigh, snuggled up in blankets on the ride up.  It was just starting to get dark, and I loved the ride even though it was freezing!  At the top there is a small hut called the Viking Yurt where we were served a warm mug of a spiced drink, kind of like apple cider.  Then we ate the fanciest six course meal I have ever eaten, while a pianist played music that filled the room. Right before dessert, Bryan took me outside to look out at the view of the city lights and the stars. It was the most gorgeous clear night and I knew something amazing was about to happen!  Then he got down on one knee (yes, in the snow!) and asked me to marry him.  I was so excited about the ring he was holding in front of me that I almost forgot I was supposed to respond!  Of course I said yes, and he almost dropped the ring in the snow trying to get it on my finger.  The whole ride down the mountain I couldn’t stop looking at him and feeling the ring through my glove.  That was the night that began our lives together forever! I love him!”


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Lauren & Devin Engagements in Provo

Lauren and Devin are the happiest couple!  They were married this past weekend, and it was one of the most festive weddings I’ve been to in a long time.  Hope you enjoy these samples from their engagement shoot!

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