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Hannah & Christian’s Engagements in Park City

I can’t wait for this couple’s wedding in July!  They have been so much fun to get to know.  They have such a sweet chemistry together!

I’ve decided it would be fun to begin posting a brief story of how the couple’s I meet either met or became engaged.  I think it makes looking through their images more personal.

So…without further ado, here is Hannah’s engagement story:  “On the night of February 13th, Christian came over to my house and woke me up from a nap and said, “Come on, let’s go get some frozen yogurt!”  I thought he looked way too cute and he had the biggest grin on his face.  I was just wearing sweats (my luck) and we went to Red Mango on a little date. On our way home he said he wanted to give me a little early Valentine’s day present.  I didn’t think anything of it until he took me up to a lookout and there was a black limo waiting.  I started freaking out thinking, “Oh my gosh, he’s totally gonna propose!!!”  Nope… The limo wasn’t for me.  I immediately went back to thinking this was just an ordinary date night.  He suggested we sit on the bed of his 4runner and look at the valley.  As we were doing that, he handed me a cute scrapbook he had made of us.  It was so dang cute!  As I flipped through it, each page had a picture of us and said something he loved about me.  I flipped to the last page and my heart about jumped out of my chest!  It was a picture of him on one knee, ring in hand, and said, “Hannah, will you marry me?”  I couldn’t get the word “YES” out quick enough!  I love him so much and can’t wait to get sealed to him for time and all eternity!!!”

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Todd & Jamie’s Engagements

It’s less than three weeks until this darling couple is married in the Salt Lake temple, and I can’t wait!  They’ve endured some frigid temperatures during out shooting , but you would never know.  Everything is all warm and sunny when they are together!


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Warm and sunny engagements!

Looking back at this session makes me wish so much that summer was here again.  Erica & Goose are one of those couple’s that I miss being around now that the wedding festivities are over.  They are such happy and genuine people.  It was a wonderful summer for them, and I’m so glad I was able to be there to document it for them.  Their engagement session hadn’t made it to the website until now, and it’s way past due, so here goes!  Enjoy!

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Brittany & Jacob

I had such a great time with Jacob & Brittany’s engagement session!  They adore one another, and it was so much fun to watch them together.  We headed up to Park City while the leaves were still glowing with color, and had such a fun time together.  The setting matched their personalities perfectly.   Brittany really wanted a natural look to her photos, and I think we were able to pull that off in this beautiful location.  These two lovebirds have a December wedding planned, and I am so excited to be a part of it!

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Sneak Peek of Erica & Goose’s Engagements!

This was such a fun engagement session!  Erica and Goose are such great people to hang around, and they looked so happy together.  I love the locations they chose for their pictures.  We got some awesome photos.  I hope you two enjoy your sneak peeks and check back soon for a full post.  Enjoy!



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Blue Plate Diner Engagements!

Kathleen & Alan are so much fun to be with!  We’ve already done their “official” engagement shoot, but we decided to do an additional one just for fun.  The Blue Plate Diner was calling their name, and these two have just the right look for a place like this, so off we went!  Kathleen is so stylish, and they are both so comfortable in front of the camera.  They seriously acted like they didn’t know I was there.  Alan should give lessons to potential grooms on how to act in front of the camera.  He is a pro!    Many thanks to the staff at the Blue Plate Diner for allowing us to take over the place for a while, and for the wonderful food they served us!


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Kathleen & Alan

This is a HUGE post, but I had such a fun time shooting this gorgeous couple’s engagement photos that I wanted to share lots of them.  They were so comfortable in front of the camera, and easily seemed to forget that I was there when I asked for more romantic poses!  They happily tried whatever I wanted them to do, and Alan had the most upbeat attitude through all of it.  He is so loving with Kathleen, and you can tell from the way she looks at him that she is crazy about him.  They are a lucky couple!  I’m looking forward to shooting Kathleen’s bridals next week.  She is going to be a stunning bride.  And her eyes really are as blue as they look!!!

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