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Princess Doing her Laundry

Once in a while, I love shooting something other than a wedding. I’m pretty open with people that I prefer not to take pictures that involve young children. I just don’t have the patience for it, but if it involves my grandchildren, well, that’s another story! I’ve been wanting to try my version of a “princess doing her laundry” for a long time. There are a lot of cute pictures floating around on the internet of this setup. I couldn’t be happier how special it turned out. My little granddaughter, Sophie, brought along her friend, Ellie. And after a few Tic-Tacs, Vivie, Ellie’s little sister, joined in the fun for a quick picture too. Sophie and Ellie are “first friends.” Can you remember your first friend? Someday it will be fun for these 3-year-old princesses to look back and enjoy a memory together! Enjoy a little magic! 2015-05-07_0001.jpg



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The Darling “C” Family!

I was so flattered when my friend, Rachel Crane, owner of Moments Captured Photography by Crane & Co. contacted me to take her family photos.  It honestly made me kind of nervous!  It’s easy to see from their cute outfits that Rachel has done this kind of thing before.  They looked so great together!  We found a couple of great orchards to shoot in, one which was dripping with beautiful red apples all over the place.  It was the perfect location!   Their little daughter is THE cheekiest little monkey, and stole the show, as you can see.   Her mama has taught her well on how to smile for the camera!!!

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Tina & Andrew

These two are the cutest couple you’ll ever meet!  I had so much fun getting to know them.  They’ve been married for a year, but this shoot felt more like an engagement session.  They were both so quick to laugh and relax and just enjoy themselves.  I love it when two people fit together so perfectly and comfortably in front of the camera.  It was so easy that I almost felt guilty!  Enjoy!

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Sneak Peek of the “S” Family!

I had the best session with this wonderful family recently on a day that seemed to do nothing but rain and snow.  Luckily the sun popped out long enough to capture some wonderful shots just when we needed it!  These three little boys are the cutest ever, and such sweet little friends with one another.  Enjoy your sneak peeks!  More coming soon!

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The “W” Family!

These are such adorable children!  It was quite the challenge to get them all looking at the camera at the same time, but somehow we managed with Mom’s help.  They looked so sweet in their matching outfits, and it was a beautiful spring day to go with them!


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The “K” Family

This is such a wonderful family!  They are special friends to us.  Can you tell that these kids just love their mom so much?  She does a super job with them and they are the nicest kids!

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