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Abby & Andrew’s Sunny California Wedding: San Diego and La Jolla

Abby & Andrew’s wedding couldn’t have been any better!  Perfect weather, sunny beaches, great friends and family, a gorgeous temple,  and lots of love!   We started out with a sweet “first look” and formals on the temple grounds, followed by a quick stop at Windansea Beach in La Jolla to wrap up our session.  The reception was absolutely gorgeous and took place in Abby’s beautifully manicured back yard; a romantic scene, with fruit trees and flowers.  Their first dance took place under the avocado tree, and as they left for the night, a long trail of friends and sparklers lit up the front yard.  Andrew has been one of my favorite grooms ever!  My brides almost always comment on how much fun they are having during a session, but Andrew mentioned more than once what a great time he was having and had such a grateful attitude.  I just love that about him!  Enjoy!




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Jackie & Kelson’s Groomals at the Salt Lake Temple

Jackie and Kelson are such a sweet and happy couple!  I’m so glad I have gotten to know them.  Kelson’s mom is a photographer too, and she has him trained well!  It’s easy to see that this couple is comfortable in front of the camera!  Kelson has quite the romantic streak as well, and Jackie shared this little story with me on how they got engaged:

“Kelson told me we were going on a date, and when it came time, plans changed.  He told me we had a chance to go on a helicopter ride I had wanted, and of course I wanted to go!  We drove to Ogden and hopped onto the helicopter.  After flying around, we flew over Kelson’s house.  I thought there was a picnic going on below, and the pilot landed and said we could say hi!  I was like, are we really?!  So we landed in the field next to his house, and family and friends were all there to watch.  We started walking down the walkway of his house to a white tent (when I realized this was the proposal – super surprised!), and on the way there were eleven signs and a rose at each sign that told a memory. I was too impatient and zoomed through the signs straight to the tent where Kelson got down on one knee and proposed.”


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Keisha & Sam’s Wedding

I’d never been up to Bear Lake before, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding reception at such a beautiful location!  Following Keisha & Sam’s morning wedding in the Logan Temple, the couple headed off toward Montpelier, Idaho, for a vintage-inspired wedding dinner and reception later that night.  The venue was an old recreation hall, and it fit the theme perfectly.  Keisha and her army of helpers had paid so much attention to every beautiful detail.  Every window, nook and cranny was filled with photos, flowers, or decorations.  My favorites were the beautiful, mismatched,  little bud vases scattered here and there, full of a gorgeous variety of pastel flowers.  A giant cream-colored parachute hung from the ceiling to create a beautiful canopy for the couple to dance underneath.  After an amazing sit-down dinner, followed by old-fashioned caramels and homemade treats, the dancing began!  Keisha’s mom is from Colombia, and in case you haven’t ever attended a Latin influenced party before, they are THE MOST FUN!  The guests came for the duration.  No popping in and leaving after ten minutes at this party!  The dollar dancing was one of my favorite things to watch, and the dancing was non-stop!   At the end of the evening, instead of blowing the traditional bubbles or lighting sparklers, everyone was given a little satchel of lavender to throw, and the couple escaped off into the night.  It couldn’t have been more fun!  I’m so happy for this sweet couple.  They have so many exciting adventures ahead of them!

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Jamie & Todd’s Wedding Day!!

What a perfect day it was for Jamie and Todd!  Their wedding was absolutely beautiful in every way.  I love this couple and I’m going to miss working with them! That’s the hard part about wedding photography. I truly think of all of these couples as my friends, and while it is bittersweet when the final event is over, I’m always so happy to have been a part of it!

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Sneak Peeks of Jamie & Todd’s Wedding!

It’s been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to post much.  Just a reminder to PLEASE check my Facebook page often for the most current updates and sneak peeks!

Wedding season is in full swing, so be sure to contact me well in advance to save your date on the schedule!

Here are just a few peeks to share from Jamie & Todd’s wedding.  There will be so many more coming in the near future!  Just a reminder that you can go to Facebook and watch their groomal session slideshow.  It turned out so sweet, and their wedding was a blast!

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