Kellyann & John: Saltair and Salt Lake City Engagements

I’m so excited for Kellyann & John’s upcoming wedding!  They are such a cute and happy couple.  It’s easy to see from these pictures that they are completely in love, and they didn’t have any trouble pretending that I wasn’t there.  We were hoping for a beautiful sunset out at the lake to end our shoot with, but I’m so glad for the moody storm clouds that we got instead.  They made for some unique and colorful images.

Keep reading for the extra “sweet” story submitted by Kellyann of how John proposed to her!

“John and I met in English on our first day of high school.  However, our first date didn’t come until six years later.  Since I was going to school in St. George and he was living in Salt Lake, our first two dates were a month apart.  But after that we tried to spend almost every weekend together.  After being home for a month at Christmas, I had to return to St. George for my final 6 weeks.  It was at this time that John put the engagement plan into motion.  He secretly mailed my roommate, Kira, a package consisting of 6 letters and money for cupcakes at my favorite cupcake shop, “Twenty Fifth and Main.”  Each Tuesday Kira and I would go get a cupcake and then I could read my letter from John to countdown the weeks until I would be home again.

On the last week, I knew that my mom was coming down on Wednesday to start helping me clean my apartment and pack, and that John and my dad were coming down on Friday to help me move.  With this in mind, on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, Kira picked me up for cupcake/letter night.  After we picked the cupcakes we wanted, the cashier said, “We have some red velvet ones in the back if you want some.”  Since red velvet is my favorite, of course I did, oblivious to the fact that they never have red velvet cupcakes.  As she went to get the cupcakes, Kira sat down in the booth.  Again, I was oblivious, as we never stay, and Kira hadn’t paid for our cupcakes yet.  As we were waiting, I of course was talking about John and how he was coming down to help me move.  At that point, he came around the corner with a pink box of red velvet cupcakes with, “Will you marry me?” written on the inside of the lid. My gorgeous engagement ring was sitting on a cupcake frosted like a daisy, my favorite flower.  He got down on one knee and said, “Kellyann, I will love you forever.”  I really didn’t hear any of this because I was so surprised, and my first reaction was “Oh my gosh, how embarrassing we were just talking about you!”  My face was as pink as the cupcake box!”

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