Princess Doing her Laundry

Once in a while, I love shooting something other than a wedding. I’m pretty open with people that I prefer not to take pictures that involve young children. I just don’t have the patience for it, but if it involves my grandchildren, well, that’s another story! I’ve been wanting to try my version of a “princess doing her laundry” for a long time. There are a lot of cute pictures floating around on the internet of this setup. I couldn’t be happier how special it turned out. My little granddaughter, Sophie, brought along her friend, Ellie. And after a few Tic-Tacs, Vivie, Ellie’s little sister, joined in the fun for a quick picture too. Sophie and Ellie are “first friends.” Can you remember your first friend? Someday it will be fun for these 3-year-old princesses to look back and enjoy a memory together! Enjoy a little magic! 2015-05-07_0001.jpg



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